The Lusk Group has a long reputation for honesty and integrity in business practices, and lawful and ethical behavior. This reputation is a source of pride for us as well as one of our greatest assets. It instills the necessary trust and confidence in us by our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and the overall community in which we live. Our Company is committed to the highest standards of business ethics.


In order to maintain our commitment to integrity, we have established a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and Corporate Compliance Program. The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is intended to identify the rules our employees are expected to follow whenever conducting business on behalf of our company. The Program is intended to ensure that all employees are abiding by the Code.


Evidence of our commitment is an "Ethics Hotline". The Ethics Hotline is available for customers, employees, and subcontractors to report any suspected ethics violations for investigation. Any calls to the Hotline are strictly confidential.





Our continued success depends on all of us doing the right thing at all times and maintaining the highest ethical standards. Only in this way, can we continue to earn the trust and confidence of our customers and the community in which we live.


Please click here to access our Code of Ethic & Conduct







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