Preserve. Protect. Extend. Renew. At Lusk Commercial and Industrial Coatings, we recognize that the finished
product is just the beginning.
Whether it’s water towers or out-buildings, Lusk approaches every project with an attention to
detail that carries throughout the project from start to finish. You are involved in the planning,
coordination, supervision and support that accompany every Lusk job. The end result is a job that
Lusk stands behind, and one we can both be proud of. Our team of 15-25 specialists meet project demands by using quality materials, superior finishes
that require minimal to no maintenance, all while using the industry’s leading technology and
techniques. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, giving you our best with every job. Trust a partner who understands the world of today’s commercial coating industry. Trust a partner who offers quality products that protect today and hold up years down the road. Trust Lusk when
you invest in the future of your 
commercial and industrial infrastructure.

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