a  committment  to  quality

Our Quality Assurance & Control Program –

implemented    by       senior   management     is   continuously   enforced   through  

employee   training     and     participation.

Quality for us is simply a way of doing business. We demand an environment in which

our core values of quality, commitment to excellence, teamwork and loyalty are continuously demonstrated.

Quality begins with the bid process and continues through the satisfactory completion of the project. We carefully study bid specifications and requirements to ascertain 
that we can meet and exceed bid expectations. That same scrutiny continues through 
the contract award for clarity to ensure that there will be no misunderstanding by 
either party.


Our quality assurance program encompasses the purchase and receipt of materials, identification, stocking, issuing of material, manufacturing processes, documentation, scheduling, sub-contract management and problem resolution. The program is designed to operate on the principle of get it right the first time. All employees and sub-contractors must know, understand and discharge their individual qualityresponsibilities toa degree necessary for the effective operation of our demanding quality assurance program.


A comprehensive and detailed Quality Assurance and Control Manual is the cornerstone of our program. Departmental operating procedures, quality control specifications, make up the complete set of procedures and instructions on which we base our quality assurance program.


Senior management oversees this program directly since quality is the essence of 

all that we do. We know that performing excellent work is the most important elementfor creating customer satisfaction.


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