With state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, Lusk utilizes the latest technology to create              piping systems of every level of complexity.

Lusks experienced craftsmen have the unique materials expertise and the specialized skills             necessaryfor efficient pipe fabrication.  By maintaining in-house prefabrication capability, we         maximize efficiency and minimize the cost to the customer.

Pre-Fabrication     for:
• Industrial Projects
• Commercial Projects
• Institutional Projects

In-Shop     prefabrication:
• Reduces The Number Of Personnel Required For Job Installation
• Computerized Shop Minimizes Job Production Time
• Provides Latest In Internet Cad Processes

With pre-fabrication Lusk shortens installation time and puts the right quality material at the         right job site every time! At Lusk, we quickly design, fabricate and ship your custom order – from  small commercial or institutional project to heavy industrial.

Lusk   Fabricators    further    testimony    to     our    dedication     to     give    clients                                                                             the   high     quality     their     projects     deserve.

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